Saturday, September 01, 2012

NEW BLOG SPONSOR: La Bolsa by Michelle Go

I'm so happy to announce to you guys that LA BOLSA BY MICHELLE GO is now one of my blog sponsors! I feel so blessed and honored to work with Ms. Michelle, In fact, I was amazed with their items! =))

"La Bolsa" is a spanish word that means "The Bag." This is the only online shop I know that create, and sell Satchel bags in affordable prices! They create Satchel Bags in different sizes and lovely colors! Just name it! =)) They combine Fashion and functionality with durable materials =)) It's proudly made by PINOY! Actually, Miss Michelle (The owner) will send me one of their lovely bags! Can't wait for it to arrive and share it to you guys! 

So for all the girls out there who loves Satchel bags, what are you waiting for?


 I swear You will surely love their items like I do! =)

You can also follow the owner, Ms. Michelle Go on instagram: michellego

xoxo, YSSA

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