Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I noticed that ever since I got busy with school, I've been drifting  with one of my passions and loves, photography. I did start taking photos again, which I'm extremely happy about. I even spent quite some time the other night trying to get a good shot of trees and sunsets. I only got a few. Hehe. There is about tress and sunsets that inspires me. I think it's the fact that you look at it now, and look at  again after a few minutes then it could be completely different. The sepia effect could turn into a romantic orange that fades into yellow. 

I must say that I'm not great in photography , yes I know that, but what I love about it is that you can create your own view of something. It allows me to show you guys how I see things..

So these are the photos I took few days ago..

xoxo, YSSA

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