Sunday, August 12, 2012


Can I just say, I wanted to die of happiness when my classmate told me about the Sale at Chimes! So I decided to treat myself again! I went there and took advantage of the sale! OHHHH so many great finds! Anyway once you enter the mall you'll see all the freakin colors in the world! 

Hihi, I bought myself an Ipod nano touch =))) Guess what? They're on sale! Hihi,  So here's kuya putting the screen pro on my nano =))

NYX! One of my favorite make ups =)) I literally squealed with delight because they were on sale!

MARC JACOBS Perfumes 50% off!

I also bought happy colored nail polish from Orly and Butter =))

Yaaaaay make up! =)) I had a hard time choosing, I love their new collection! Super to die for!! Haha. Anyway, I'll have a separate post for this outfit SOON!

My newest babyyyyy =))) Can't wait to use it and wear it as my watch =)) Hihi! This day was surely a day to remember!

So to all Davaonos out there, visit CHIMES now! HURRY! SALE'S ENDING SOON!

JOIN MY FIRST EVER BLOG GIVEWAY HERE and get a chance to win lovely accessories and a maxi skirt!! =)) 

xoxo, YSSA

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