Monday, August 13, 2012


As seen on my previous post, this is what I wore yesterday. I wore something simple and laid back, so I took out some of the simplest pieces from my closet, pulled them all together and ended up with this look. I learned from Tyra that it's okay to repeat outfits as long as you style them differently. So yeah, if you're regular here in my blog, you may notice that I already wore the snake's skin shorts HERE 

If I were to choose, I'd always go with gold because it's the most classy and elegant of the metals. I think that gold and brown is just so classy, so I apologize for the overload. Hehe :) I paired my knitted top with high-waisted shorts because they make an outfit automatically comfy for me, they make me look taller and and thinner for some magical reason! Haha. It also makes any outfit less lazy.

And lastly, I do believe that bags and accessories could add up spice to any "Lazy outfit". You guys be the judge! Yay or nay?

Anyway, it's SALE SEASON! Malls are filled with SALES everywhere! So guys, If you've been in need of some clothes or anything, I think this week is the perfect time to go out and get it while it's on sale!

Knitted Top: bought it from a good friend of mine, JELEENA JIMENEZ
Snake's skin shorts: Wardrobe Check 
Belt: Folded and Hung
Necklace: bought it from a jewelry shop at Hongkong
Bracelet: Chanel 
Watch: Sophie Martin
Flats: Thrifted
Bag: Marc Jacobs 


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xoxo, YSSA


  1. we really have the same taste yss. I go for gold and brown and all natural colors. no wonder, we click and oh, my name is on ur famous blog. thank you! haha. -Jeleena

  2. That's what friends are for ate jhed! Hehe thanks! Let's hang out soon ate mwa! ;*