Friday, October 19, 2012


The rain clouds have returned! Davao is once again in its rainy season! It's been dark and cloudy, so I thought a little floral and neon in my outfit could bring a brighter atmosphere :) I wore this outfit yesterday when the rain was just beginning. Since the clouds were dark and grey, I thought I'd wear something bright and fun to liven up my mood. This vibrant floral dress from Desino Dulce was the perfect one! Perhaps, you've notice it's quite cute and unique, but you haven't seen the nicest part yet!!

It's backless! HAHAHA. Not so simple anymore, eh? The back details of this outfit definitely made a statement, it really made all the difference!  It added a bot of sophistication and made the look more interesting. It gives wow-you-look-so-conservative reaction and then when you turn around it also gives a surprise look! 

And since I was going neutral with this dress' color, I wore my neon blue flats, with the rain around, I couldn't find myself in the mood to wear heels. It didn't mean I was going to compromise my look though. These flats are instant cuteness, especially with the delightful color. 

Hope you guys are safe and sounf after the rainfall! Seems like better weather is head, Thank God!

Dress: Desino Dulce 
 Flats: Thrifted
  Watch: Betsey Johnson 
 Clutch Bag: Hued Bags Manila
Red Matte Lipstick: Hot Shop Cosmetics 
Bangles: Birthday gifts from my friends 

xoxo, YSSA

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