Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have to start this this post by saying that so far, I am having the best sem-break yet. Of course, it's not perfect but it's been really good! I am so much thankful that I got the chance to spend quality time with my family. We are not complete most of the time anymore since we all go to different schools and I've just been caught up with mostly getting a break from all the stress since I only have weeks left to relax before everything just gets plain stressful AGAIN for the upcoming 2nd semester.

If you guys notice, this is really not my style. Rocker chic isn't just my thing, but for some reasons, I just can't stop mixing colors lately so taaadaa! This is what I came up with. Wore this to a day out shopping with my family. I wanted to wear something comfy and casual that allowed me to move and I decided to add a little more color so I threw in my neon pink booties! 

I just love how the colors in this outfit turned out so good, hehe. For those who don't know it yet, I'm a huge fan of sunglasses and I actually have a small collection of them. I just love how a cute pair of them can change an entire outfit and even my mood. I don't wear heavy make up more often which is why I usually cover my eyes with sunglasses.

Did I pull it off? I would love to hear comments from you guys! =))

And oh, did I mention that I'm really really a huge fan of 50 shades of grey? :)) 

Top: Onion | Shorts: Forever 21 | Studded Denim Vest: TNC Manila | Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Customized iPhone Case: Shopshop_shop | Neon pink armcandy: Gmall Dept Store
Spiked & Pink armcandies: Cutistuffy | Neon Pink Boots: Tomato

xoxo, YSSA

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