Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This mullet dress is simply elegant, I must admit that it simply speaks for itself. It's really a classic item in a delectable prints. It's something like burnt orange prints I suppose. I love that it has an earth tone but not that too dull. I love the long and flowing train. The best thing about dresses like this is that you don't have too much to think about. But then again, fashion is a risk. You should try different style so an idea came up to my mind "Why not give it a twist? A-Rocker-Chic-With-A-Leather-Jacket-And-Spiked-Heels twist perhaps." Then TAAAADAA! I came up with this look. 

The good thing about this kind of dresses is that you can actually wear them in different occassions, it's up to your peg. If you want to be plain, simple, casual yet elegant you can just pair it with lovely nude pumps. That's the number 1 important thing when you buy clothes, think first before you buy. Like what I've learned to Tyra, it's okay to repeat your outfits as long as you style them in different ways. 

Mullet dress: Davcon Bazaar | Studded leather jacket: Harley Davidson
JC spiked boots: TOES&STRAPS | Clutch Bag: Marc Jacobs | Watch: Calvin Klein |
 Cuff: Parfois

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xoxo, YSSA

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  1. Are you from Davao too dearie? hihi. You are soooo fashionable. I like your fashion taste :)

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