Wednesday, September 12, 2012


If you're wondering why the title of this post is "A DIFFERENT SIDE OF ME" it's because I don't normally wear these types of clothes. I have insecurities when it comes to my arms, it's just that I think that they're big! But then again, Fashion is about expressing yourself! It's all about style and confidence. Don't be afraid to take risks. So I decided to wear something completely out of my comfort zone. If you guys notice, I showed a lot of skin with this outfit. And oh, I wore the JC spiked boots again because I think they can definitely change an entire outfit. For my accessories, I didn't feel wearing too much. So I just wore a watch, and earrings from my mom.

So what do you guys think? Did I pull it off?


Bustier:DESINO DULCE | Skirt: VINTAGE GALORE | Clutch bag: Louis Vuitton |
 Watch: Sophie Martin | JC Spiked Boots: TOES&STRAPS

xoxo, YSSA


  1. The outfit actually looks great on you! Dear, don't be insecure about your arms. Your body's just right. Being skinny doesn't mean sexy. :)

    1. Hello! Aww :"> You're so sweet, thank you so much! Great blog you have there! :))