Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a week! Sorry I wasn't able to blog for 3 days! I've been slightly busy in school that I feel like I've died of exhaustion and have finally come back  to life. =)  Anyway, it's Sunday night and usually this is when everyone starts to complain about how it's Monday tomorrow, which means we have to head back to school again, but thank God! No class tomorrow!! =)))

So for my outfit, this is what I wore for a day with my family! I'm so sorry if I look so pale, I didn't wear make up because I was really really lazy. Hehe. 

You guys be the judge! What do you think?

Don't you just love my vintage booties? Thanks to my good friend, NIA JONILE RAMOS for giving me these lovely boooties! =))))))) I love you forever girl! ;*

Top: Red Masque | Shorts: Zara | Bag: Satchella Bags | Belt: Levis | Rings: Tomliz |
Hat: ThriftedBooties: A gift from a good friend, NIA JONILE RAMOS | Watch: Betsey Johnson

xoxo,  YSSA

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