Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oh how I miss the summer days, it's always been my favorite season. The rainy days always make it such a hassle to get anything done, which I just hate. Every now and then, I like to wear bright colors to remind me or just to take me back to the good old summer days. So anyway, this is what I wore last week,  I'm so sorry for the late post and for the crappy photos. So bear with me. Hehe. I wanted to wear something that wasn't too dressed up and not to hot without looking too casual so I came up with this.

The beautiful thing about this look is that it's extremely cheap! The only expensive things I'm wearing were my shoes and my bag. My top was 180 pesos from sugar and spice, My shorts were 150 pesos which I bought from Ukay ukay. My hat was 80 pesos from Lake Sebu and my polo which I wore as a cover up was also from Ukay ukay for only 50 pesos! I love  my cheap thrills! It's not about who you're wearing, it's what you're wearing!

 I absolutely love thrift shopping because you always find such unique pieces for such a great great price! I always go crazy when I go thrift shopping, I just love the different possibilities you have in changing a certain clothing! =))

Top: Sugar & Spice
Cover up: Ukay ukay
Shorts: Ukay Ukay
Belt: Levis
Shoes: So!Fab
Hat: Lake Sebu
Neon Bracelets: Made by me

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xoxo, YSSA