Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well, this is just a "what's-in-my-bag" post, Everything you will be seeing here are my favorite things that I bring everywhere I go. Or Can I just say, things that I can't live without! Haha =)))

I super love the scent of this perfume! =)

Make up bag, I bought this from SM Department Store for only 294php :) 

My mini Zebra Print notebook from my anak (classmate) Jessica Aguirre and customized Gtec pens from Frarority Bands

My wallet =) 
I also got this from SM Department Store.

Louis Vuitton pouch from my mom, keys, mini flashlight and of course Mints, Alcohol, Hand sanitizer and a Mouthwash! I'm sure every girl has these inside their bag!

My "secret" iPad. I'll tell you a story behind this pad.. Uh, I bought this using my own money and my parents don't have any idea! Shhhh... Saving your allowance for  3 months is not easy! I'm telling you, IT'S   NOT   E A S Y.

And ofcourse! The one thing that I can't really really live without! My phone! =)) 

And lastly, baby NATE! (Nikon D5000 w/ SB700 flash) yes, this SLR has a name. Haha! I always bring this baby with me especially when I attend parties, events and etc.

How about you guys? What's in your bags? =)))

xoxo, YSSA

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